Park Gate


One of the municipalities in the lower mainland has hundreds of park gates that their maintenance department is responsible to maintain. Prior to working with Aegis, the specification for their gates was either wet paint over galvanize or wet paint over mild steel. Over the life of the gate it would be repainted each summer season by summer students, and over time the appearance of the gates would become a combination of rust and blotchy paint.


Aegis proposed a remove and rework program that would see existing gates stripped and recoated in a two coat system that would provide 5+ years service for the maintenance department. In addition to stripping and recoating the park gates, Aegis also affixed reflective tape according to the maintenance departments requirements.


Working with the maintenance department, Aegis was able to improve the aesthetics of the parks by providing an entirely new coating system that would last the abuse and exposure that gates receive. Furthermore, the maintenance cost for the gates was reduced significantly by eliminating the need for regular recoating, and the environmental impact of applying liquid painting in the field was also negated.

BC Lower Mainland
Coating System
Two Coat System

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