Three Colour Tree


The vision that the artist had for this particular piece required a 5 coat system. A primer coat was applied, and then three distinct colors were blended to create a gradient from light to dark at particular points on the project. As it was meant for public enjoyment, the piece was then protected with a clear coat that would provide anti-graffiti protection.


Recognizing the unique requirements for this job, invited the artist to our shop on a Saturday when we could direct all of our focus on this one project. Preplanning was done to ensure that everyone was clear on the outcome that we were working towards and the coating was done. The piece was blasted all over, and any voids or pits were filled prior to applying the primer coat.


The job turned out better than we could have expected and Aegis has since processed many more high quality and unique jobs for local artists.

Specialty / Art
BC Lower Mainland
Coating System
A primer coat, three distinct colours were blended, clear coat

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