Aegis Powder Coating

Aegis has over 40 years of specialized experience in powder coating. We consider powder coating to be a science and have perfected sandblasting techniques to properly prepare the material-asset that is being coated. Our custom powder coaters with their decades of application experience ensure your project is done right the first time. You can rely on Aegis to match the requirements of your job to the right coating system to meet or exceed your expectations. We know powder coating.


Powder coating is one of the most economical and durable coating systems available in the market today. Even compared to a liquid system, powder coatings hold an advantage in ease of application, speed of turn around and reduced environmental impact. The type of coating powders used depends on a variety of factors. Our experts can help you in selecting the right coating to meet or exceed your specifications at the lowest cost possible.

Types of Coating Powders

There are five basic types of powders used for powder coating. Each type has its advantages, disadvantages and preferred types of applications. Aegis works very closely with our powder suppliers-manufacturers. In most cases the type of powder coating and application the asset needs is fairly standard.

However, when it comes to extreme weather and corrosive environments, experience is invaluable in selecting the right powder coating. The type of material being coated is another major factor in applying the powder coating. Whatever environmental conditions your project may involve, the experts at Aegis will have your solution for powder coating.

5 Types of Powder Coatings

Here is a synopsis of the basic five types of powders and their uses.

Epoxy Powder Coating
Epoxy powders adhere extremely well to metals. As long as the metal has been prepared properly with sandblasting and-or other pretreatments. The main disadvantage of epoxy coatings is they fade and chalk when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Indoor applications are better suited to epoxy powder coating.

Polyester Powder Coating
Polyesters are the most common type of powder coating.They offer robust flexibility, impact resistance and chemical resistance. An enormous choice of colors, gloss levels and special effects is one of the biggest advantages of polyester powder coating. The biggest disadvantage of polyesters depends on the color and gloss they offer, as little as one to three years of UV resistance.

Super polyester powder coating is also available. The advantages over standard polyester powder coating include better color and gloss protection, and five to ten years extended UV resistance,when combined with properly blasted and primed assets.

Epoxy - Polyester Hybrid Powder Coating
Epoxies and polyesters can mixed during the manufacturing of the powder coating by the supplier to form a hybrid coating. These types of hybrids are primarily used on items that require cosmetic appeal along with enhanced functional properties. Appliances such as stoves, washers, and dryers commonly utilize hybrid powder coating.

Fluoropolymers Powder Coating
Fluoropolymers powder coating is primarily used in exterior architectural applications like curtain walls, windows, doors and more. Fluoropolymers offer excellent weathering properties with incredible color and gloss retention. Long term warranties may also be available when applied by a certified powder coating applicator like Aegis. Ask your Aegis expert if warranty applicable.

Urethanes are chemically similar to polyesters. The major advantage of urethanes is their chemical and corrosion resistance. Common applications include fuel tanks, chemical tanks and agricultural equipment.

Powder Coating Options

When it comes to powder coating there are options within options. Aegis can guide you through the world of powder coating for long lasting results, functionality and a superior finish. Give us a call or request a free quote on powder coating.