Aegis Equipment

With Powder Coating and Sandblasting under one roof, we provide timely and highly customized surface preparation and coating services for your projects. Our production team is trained to the highest industry standards. We have NACE trained coating inspectors on staff who are able to provide testing and reporting for your projects as per your requirement.


Batch Oven

5 Overhead I-Beams
38’ x 10’ x 10’ working envelope


Powder Coat Booth

3 Overhead I-Beams
8000 lb capacity max
38’ x 10’ x 10’ working envelope


Sandblasting Booth

1 Overhead I-Beam
4000 lb capacity max
38’ x 12’ x 10’ working envelope



1x 10,000lb
1x 5,000lb

Heated Pressure Washer

Hotsy for degreasing
We use a biodegradable detergent to perform mild degreasing of parts before abrasive blasting.

Burnoff Oven

Controlled Pyrolysis Oven
Used to quickly strip coatings off goods and process equipment.
Can handle pieces up to 4' x 4' x 4'


Aegis Is committed to responsible stewardship – both in its safety practices and in its business processes.
From its energy efficient oven design – including 6” thick walls and fire limit system, to its VSD compressor and air filtration systems, Aegis strives to be a leader in the metal finishing industry.

Powder coated metal is a non-emitting source as defined by LEEDS and can contribute up to 3 points to a project. > Read full details

powder coated tough

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