Commercial Automotive Powder Coating

Commercial Automotive Powder coating is not just for rims, bumpers, and accessories. At Aegis Industrial Finishing we are able to provide a durable lasting finish for custom vehicle components such as dump bodies, service bodies, frames, and truck decks.

With a focus on commercial, industrial, and performance applications, we understand how your components are required to perform and can offer a coating system that will fill that need. Often times these components require the cleanest surface possible, which we are able to achieve with our in-house abrasive blasting. Achieving equal to or better than OEM performance has never been easier.

The Aegis Advantage

Metallics and custom colour options available.
Improved corrosion resistance results in longer asset life, resulting in less downtime and warranty claims from end users.
Powder coat friendly caulking available to enclose any exposed gaps or seams.

Commercial Automotive Powder Coating Projects

Looking for Commercial Automotive Powder Coating?

If you are looking for a partner that can help determine and execute on your specific finishing needs, contact us today and we will help you determine the best engineered coating system for your commercial automotive project.

Your custom coating solution starts here.


With the constant flow of information about COVID-19 and the growing national and provincial response to the pandemic, we want to reinforce Aegis’ commitment to providing you with quality finished product on time.


To safeguard the health of our employees and customers, we will be implementing the following changes to our business operations immediately:


Immediate changes:

  • Only employees are allowed in Aegis.
  • All employees who can work remote will be setup to do so.
  • All sales activities will be taking place via phone and/or email.
  • All non-essential meetings have been cancelled and employees have been educated about the precautions that help reduce risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • Any employees who are exhibiting symptoms as per Health Canada Guidelines are being sent home.

Lead time:

  • We are currently running a 3 - 5 day lead time for orders that have been previously booked. Please contact our office at 778-294-5595 to book upcoming orders.
  • In the event that we anticipate a disruption to our service levels, we will notify all customers who have confirmed orders with us.
  • We will be monitoring the Canadian Government COVID-19 Outbreak Page here.

This update is current as of 3-18-2020 and remains our status until further notice.


We wish you and your co-workers health and safety in these coming days.



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