Welcome to Aegis

Aegis Industrial Finishing Ltd. was opened in 2010 to provide the market with the best service, quality, and technical excellence possible by an industrial finishing company. With Powder Coating and Sandblasting under one roof, we provide timely and highly customized metal preparation and coating services to your company.

Services We Offer



• Overhead transfer beam system with weight capability up to 7000lbs.
• Able to process parts with dimensions up to 38’L x 10’W x 10’H.
• Custom masking available for tolerance critical parts and surfaces.


• Powder coating is applied and fully cured and ready to ship within hours compared to the environment dependent cure time of liquid paint.
• Capacity allows for multiple jobs to be completed within same day.

Performance & Quality

• Aegis Coating System over mild steel will last 15+ years as per ISO 12944 C5-I/M, and up to 80 years over properly galvanized steel.
• Two stage powder coat system equal or greater than three stage liquid system.
• Quality checks performed throughout production process.
• Warranty available for suitable projects.


• Solvent-free process; a VOC free coating system.
• Coated products can be stripped and recoated which restores their original appearance and performance.

Aegis Industrial Finishing Ltd protects and enhances customers’ products for the benefit of people, communities, industry, and the environment. We are committed to providing professional service that ensures your projects shipped complete and on time. The owners have over 20 years experience in the custom powder coating industry, and are excited to work with you to provide the quality you need.

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  • Aegis has been a great support to our racing team. They are great people to work with!–C. Brooke Brooke Racing