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Recent Powder Coating News & Articles

Aegis is a regular contributor to the Powder Coating magazine. We hope you enjoy the technical experience shared in the following articles.

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As business owners and managers, we are so focused on the big picture when it comes to running our business or department that it is easy to overlook the small details that can separate us from our competitors. Whether you are trying to find new talent to help you take on the new account you’re developing or troubleshooting […]

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The Powder Coater Toolbox

As custom coaters we often do not have the added support of a QC department let alone a dedicated team member. In this article I will identify tools that I value having around our shop, and highlight some of their uses as well as applicable standards that may provide further instruction to their use. In all […]

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The Quality of The Cure

When I ask customers what they know about powder coating, the answers that I get almost always relate to the durability of the coating. Words such as hard, strong, tough, durable, etc. are used freely. In all these cases, the customer does not realize that they are speaking about one of the most impressive things about […]

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